Paul van Wiechen


Paul graduated in 2020 with an MSc. Degree in Hydraulic Engineering at the faculty of Civil Engineering of Delft University of Technology. His Master Thesis involved an experimental study on the dissipation of wave energy due to complex coral reefs. These experiments were conducted in the wave flume of the fluid mechanics laboratory of Delft University of Technology.

After graduating, Paul commenced a PhD in Coastal Engineering. He is studying dune erosion during extreme storms. This study includes a large-scale fieldwork experiment in which a 1:1 scale dune will be constructed along the Dutch coast. This research dune will then be observed and monitored to obtain more knowledge of erosion during storms. 

The topic of his research is: “RealDune – Dune erosion during mega storms”.

Paul van Wiechen

PhD Candidate

Availability: Mon - Fri