Robert Jan Labeur

Development of a 3-dimensional non-hydrostatic free-surface flow model (FinLab). The target application of the model concerns small scale flows arising in hydraulic engineering problems. Examples are flows in and around control structures (e.g. weirs, shipping locks, storm surge barriers), circulation patterns in harbours, wave propagation in the coastal zone and exchange currents and mixing due to density differences, for example in estuaries and around outfalls. In such flows the pressure is essentially non-hydrostatic with a strong influence of the advection and diffusion of momentum. In density driven situations the flow interacts with an advected density field. The deformation of the free surface can be considerable and may even lead to drying of certain parts of the domain.

Flow over a weir featuring undular jump (legend gives flow velocity in m/s)

The model is used as a research tool at Delft University of Technology (TUD) and Wageningen University (WUR) in various master thesis works and PhD projects. Recently, the model has been used in technical research by TUD for Rijkswaterstaat (wave impact on Stevinsluizen, Den Oever, and investigations on the accuracy of wave measuring gauges). The model is used extensively by an engineering consultant (Svasek B.V.) in various projects concerning complex three-dimensional flows around hydraulic structures and harbours, including also sedimentation and erosion of bed material.

Robert Jan Labeur

Assistant Professor

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