Peter Herman

Peter Herman is Professor of Ecological Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University of Technology, Senior researcher at Deltares (Coastal and Marine Systems). He is an ecologist working on physical-ecological interaction and modelling ecological dynamics in estuaries and coasts.

He is a broadly interested estuarine ecologist, fascinated by the ecological functioning of these systems full of gradients between fresh and salt, quiet and dynamic, high and low.

He uses mathematical models and theoretical concepts to better understand the complexity of these landscapes.He tries  to understand and describe this complexity in quantitative terms, e.g. in biogeochemical cycles, food webs, physical structures.

He conveys the knowledge gained in these theoretical studies to society.

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Professor Herman is involved in the following MSc. courses:

Soetaert, K. and P.M.J. Herman. A practical guide to ecological modeling, using R as a simulation platform. Springer.

Peter Herman

Professor of Ecological Hydraulic Engineering


Secretary: Otti kievits

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