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Flood is one of the top natural disasters in the world in terms of loss of life and economic damage. China has been frequently hit by large floods and suffered from flood disasters for a long history. Shanghai city, which is surrounded by the water, is threatened by river flood and coastal flood due to sea level rising, high river discharge and high social-economic development which may lead to huge loss. The objective of this research is to investigate and evaluate the flood risk in terms of probabilities of flooding and potential damages on different scenarios and then make recommendations on risk reduction measures. With the probabilistic methods and hydraulic modeling under the geographic information system, the water level (discharge) in the Huangpu River under the analysis of scenarios of sea level rising land subsidence and extreme storm surge events during the typhoon weather would be predicted as the basis of the simulation of flood characteristic in Shanghai city. The direct and indirect economic damage in term of the properties in the residential area, commercial area and industrial area would be assessed in the following step. The engineering and non-engineering measures for the flood risk management would be recommended in the end. It is desirable that the applications of the risk model and the risk reduction measures would also be taken into account  in other mega cities in the world.