e-Refinery is a TU Delft research Institute with the vision to accelerate the transition towards sustainable production of chemicals and fuels. The Institute is supported by five faculties:

  • Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science,
  • Applied Sciences,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Technology, Policy and Management,
  • Aerospace Engineering

With over 40 Principal Investigators and over 50 Post-Doc and PhD Researchers we are building a strong community to stimulate knowledge sharing and learning, integrating TRL levels from basic research to industrial demonstrators, and seeking collaborations with important partners we belief we can speed up innovation.

The TU Delft e-Refinery Institute is one of the 4 energy pillars of the Delft Energy Initiative (DEI)

We develop technology for a disruptive change in electricity-based systems for sustainable chemicals and fuels: from fundamental science to industrial applications.

We provide an open innovation hub with an inclusive atmosphere to foster multidisciplinary collaboration with leading partners from the industry and energy sectors.

We educate the next generation of scientists and engineers to enable the disruptive change needed for the sustainable energy transition.