Circularity in 2050: how?

News - 12 July 2018 - Communication BK

The Netherlands will have to develop towards a circular economy before 2050. This ambitious goal was formulated by the Dutch government in September 2016. But what does this mean, is it even possible, and which challenges will we have to tackle in order to achieve a circular economy? Those questions are discussed by 33 co-authors in the recently published ‘Circularity – on the road to 2050?’ 

The book has been composed by colleagues from Delft University of Technology, governments, and practice. The emphasis of the contributions is on technical research and applications, but legal, societal, and social aspects are also taken into account. The book is a guide to the government, to consider different viewpoints for the transition towards a renewable energy supply. The energy transition is connected to a resource transition; do we have enough resources to build the necessary systems, which legal adjustments are needed, what about our food, work, the necessity of a basic income?

Read the book here, with contributions from, amongst others, Peter Luscuere (editor, AE+T), Bob Geldermans, Sabine Jansen, Ulrich Knaack, David Peck, and Martin Tenpierik (AE+T), Monica Chao-Duivis (MBE), Carola Hein (Architecture) and Leendert Verhoef (AMS Institute).