Hyperloop station for Amsterdam

News - 26 September 2018 - Communication BK

Students of Building Technology worked on a series for designs for a Hyperloop station at Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, in collaboration with ProRail. During the Innovation Expo on 4 October, they show what Hyperloop could mean for travellers, station, and the city.  

Within the Hyperloop traveling concept, travellers are being transported in capsules, travelling through a vacuum tube on high velocity. Much of the research on the Hyperloop concept is focussed on the engineering, whereas this exhibition shows the possibilities for travellers, stations, and the city. The students explored the added value of Hyperloop for the spatial quality of an infrastructural knot such as the current Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena station.

During the Innovation Expo 2018, a selection of the designs will be on display. More information on the Innovation Expo can be found here.  

Image: Malevich’s Hyperloop, by Ujjwal Dawar
Image: A-(café)loop, by Subhranshu Panda
Image: Hypercity, by Hayley Bouza
Image: Paviloop, by Leonardo Enzio Pozzi

Teachers involved with the project are Job Schroën, Erik Hehenkamp, Gilbert Koskamp, Douwe de Jong, Eric van den Ham, Truus Hordijk en Regina Bokel. Besides Leonardo Enzio Pozzi, Subhranshu Panda, Ujjwal Dawar, and Hayley Bouza, the following students also explored the possibilities for a Hyperloop station: Joaquin Valdes Troncoso, Job van den Berg, Karlijn Besse, Kim Hooiveld, Lawson Heah, Ontora Rahman, Luca Pascale, Robert van Houten, Victor Andersson, Agata Mintus, Britt van der Drift, Ksymena Borczynska, Naftany van Zwaaij, Nimmi Nimmi Sreekumar, Remi Groenendijk, Wietse de Haan, Mandy Ham, Margarita Kyanidou, Natchai Suwannapruk, and Wilfried Damen.