Gijsje Koenderink new professor at Bionanoscience department

News - 13 May 2019 - Communication TNW

The Bionanoscience research department of the Faculty of Applied Sciences has appointed Gijsje Koenderink as a new professor. Koenderink currently works at the AMOLF institute, where she is head of the Living Matter department and group leader of the Biological Soft Matter group. She will start on September 1, 2019.

The new professor earned her PhD in chemistry in Utrecht and has been working at AMOLF since 2006, where she researches physical phenomena in living cells and tissues. In addition to being a group leader and head of department at AMOLF, she has also been a professor by special appointment at VU Amsterdam since 2010.

Gijsje Koenderink was elected as a member of the Young Academy in 2008. She has received several personal grants, including a Vidi in 2008 and an ERC Starting Grant in 2013. Recently she also won a prestigious Vici grant for research into the way in which cells deal with mechanical stress.

Koenderink is no stranger to Delft. She is involved in the ‘Zwaartekracht’ consortium BaSyC (Building a Synthetic Cell), led by Marileen Dogterom, which aims to build a living synthetic cell based on lifeless components.

Koenderink also plays an important role at NWO as Chair of the Round Table Physics, since January 1, 2018.

An extensive CV of Gijsje Koenderink can be found on the AMOLF website.