Seminar: Circularity of materials

News - 11 October 2020

This seminar with Visiting Professor Florian Boer focusses on the circularity of materials and a ‘revolution in wood’.

13 October 2020 18:00 - 19:30 | Online

This session will focus on the reintroduction of new circular materials as core building materials. The example of wood demonstrates the reduction of carbon dioxide producing materials like concrete and steel while offering sustainable alternatives that also have an impact on our landscape. 

The interactive seminar is moderated by Reinout Kleinhans and includes experts Marco Vermeulen (Studio Marco Vermeulen), Henk Jonkers (Civil Engineering and Geo Sciences, TU Delft) and Pablo van der Lugt (BK).

More information

This seminar will be streamed live from the Berlage rooms and can be followed via this link.