12 Facts about COVID-19 virus in water

News - 12 May 2020

With the COVID-19 virus being a pandemic that reaches all across the globe including in rural communities, many questions arise wondering how the coronavirus relates to water. Is it still safe to use untreated water? Can the virus be present in tap water or rivers? How can I best protect myself from COVID-19?

To answer these questions, TU Delft | Global Initiative and TU Delft | Global Drinking Water together with TU Delft Prof. Gertjan Medema made an easy-to-use overview of 12 facts about the COVID-19 virus in water. The illustration details the importance of water access and hygiene during this global pandemic, and what behavioural changes people in rural communities can make to best prevent the spread of the COVID-19 when using water.

Proper hygiene is very important, not only on toilets and other surfaces, but also by washing hands regularly. Because the lack of hygiene could be an important element of spreading viruses, access to "clean" drinking water is now even more essential.

Please (feel free to) share this within your network and local communities, so that we can spread the right information.