Brunel and TU Delft are joining forces

News - 18 September 2020 - Communication

Brunel and TU Delft will work closely together in the field of talent and innovation. Brunel has joined the collaboration programme of TU Delft and large companies, aimed at accelerating innovation. The collaboration agreement was sealed on Thursday during a meeting in RoboHouse, the field lab for advanced robotics and AI on the TU Delft Campus.

L.E.A.D. program

Brunel will contribute to L.E.A.D., a programme involving multiple companies and startups, aimed at educating the innovation professional of the future. Young engineers follow an intensive development process in which, in addition to training, they gain experience in innovation projects at the various affiliated companies.

Predictive maintenance

Brunel and TU Delft will also work together to train professionals who specialise in predictive maintenance: using data analysis to predict when, for example, a machine needs to be replaced. A lot is already possible at the forefront of technology and data. Through state-of-the-art projects, jointly set up by scientists and well-trained professionals, this knowledge can be brought to the market more quickly.

Roots in Delft

Both TU Delft and Brunel consider entrepreneurship and innovative strength to be of paramount importance. But there are also other reasons why this partnership is special, says CEO Jilko Andringa. “Our founder, Jan Brand, started his company here in Delft in 1975. He helped himself and fellow engineers find a new job from his office on the Oude Delft. This successful mediation was the start of the beautiful, international company of and for specialists that Brunel is today. The collaboration with TU Delft fits perfectly with our ambition to connect highly educated specialists with innovation and entrepreneurial projects. ”

Collaboration essential

“TU Delft wants to contribute to a better society,” says Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus and Chairman of the TU Delft Executive Board. “We do this by educating a new generation of socially responsible engineers and conducting world-class scientific research. We believe that collaborations with the business community are essential in this because we can make more impact together. Brunel underlines this philosophy and I am proud that we will work together in the field of talent and innovation.”

Breeding ground for innovation

Zwanet van Lubek, Head Strategic Business Partnerships at TU Delft: “We believe that we cannot find the answers to major social issues on our own. By connecting entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, investors, government and industry, we create a breeding ground for innovation. So that together we can provide technological innovations that contribute to a better society. ”

TU Delft creates strategic partnerships with the business community. These collaborations are set up on the basis of both the strategic challenges of the partners and the scientific challenges for the researchers and lead to intensive experimentation and innovation using the entire innovation ecosystem around the TU Delft Campus, from students and researchers to field labs and startups. The active community of companies also works jointly on innovations.

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