Delft student numbers increase despite coronavirus

News - 30 October 2020 - Communication

TU Delft continues to attract increasing numbers of students. At the start of October, provisional figures showed that there were 27,256 registered students, compared to 26,187 last year – a rise of approximately 4 percent, slightly lower than the national trend. Master’s students account for a significant proportion of the increase, with numbers rising by 7 percent to 13,028. Of the international students enrolling at TU Delft for the first time (intake), the majority come from European countries, whereas most were from outside Europe in previous years.

Steady increase in intake
More than 8,000 students enrolled for a degree programme at TU Delft for the first time, a 7 percent increase compared to last year. Intake has increased steadily over the years. Despite this, the TU Delft campus is currently looking rather empty: in view of coronavirus measures, much of the teaching is online and most students are attending campus just one day a week.

Master’s degree programmes account for most growth
Bachelor’s degree programmes have seen intake increase by around 4 percent: from almost 3,600 last year to more than 3,700 now. Student numbers for Master’s degree programmes have increased by 9 percent: from almost 3,700 to more than 4,040 first-year students. Almost 260 first-year students have registered for bridging programmes, up 17 percent on the previous year.

International students
The number of international students beginning a Bachelor’s degree programme at TU Delft has seen little increase (almost 660). The intake of international Master's students remains stable (almost 1,390). Most international students are from the EEA (almost 1,120 compared to over 970 last year). Last year, most new students came from outside Europe, but this figure has now fallen to slightly less than 930, compared to 1,040 last year.

Annual figures
Every year in October, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) takes provisional stock of the intake and populations in university education. TU Delft takes 1 December as its reference date in determining the definitive figures in this area.

Slight change to figures compared to last year
The figures for the total number of students featured in this report differ slightly from those reported last year. Last year’s figures did not include students enrolled elsewhere who also study at TU Delft, such as those on BSc MST and MSc Industrial Ecology programmes. These students have been included in this year’s TU Delft figures.

Read the report from the VSNU (in Dutch only).

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