Coronavirus Update: Impact of Partial Lockdown on X (Part 2)

News - 04 November 2020 - Communication

Both nationally and in the various sectors it is becoming clearer what effect the measures announced on Tuesday 13 October will have. Based on the information we have at our disposal at the moment, X reached a decision this morning on the many choices it has to make regarding our offer.

The following is clear:

Will continue:Discontinued, for at least four weeks:
- Private courses- Competitions
- Groups courses (except sports courses and dancing courses)- Contact sports, such as martial arts and self-defense sports
- Use of the fitness- Licensing events
- Visits to the specialists of Boost- Catering facilities
- Open Studio: Fine Arts

Ticket hours

We are still in discussion regarding which sports the new rules actually apply to. Then we will flesh out how this is to be implemented (per ticket hour). We will need time to do this and for this reason, from now until Monday 19 October, all ticket hours have been cancelled. We hope to have gained clarity on this by Tuesday 20 October.

Training sessions of sports associations
The training sessions of sports associations (including dancing) will not be able to take place in their current form. For this reason, until Sunday 25 October all training sessions have been cancelled. The fields and rooms that fall free as a result of this cancellation will be made available to others. All members and holders of an X subscription will be given the opportunity to book a field or a room, for up to four people and on condition that participants maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between one another during the activity. You can book a field or room via Book a space as X member.

Meanwhile, we will be consulting the SCVR (Sport & Cultuur Verenigingen Raad) to see whether there might be other options for enabling associations to train. We hope to announce the results of these talks sometime next week.

Sports courses
All sports courses (including dancing) will be temporarily discontinued. The situation is the same as for the ticket hours. On Monday 19 October, we will investigate the possibility of these courses resuming and, if so, in what form.

Face masks
X is part of TU Delft and therefore follows the face-mask policy you will find on the website.

Opening hours
Yesterday, Wednesday 14 October, X closed at 22:00. This was a once only and simply to avoid activities that would not yet comply with the new measures.