TU Delft is home to thousands of young people with millions of ideas; it is a hub of creativity. Do you have an idea that you would like X to collaborate with? X has created an environment that fosters this creativity. With a range of facilities and spaces, and the expertise of event programmers, X is a platform where these ideas can come to life.

We have received all sorts of requests ranging from sustainability symposiums to cultural festivities, musical evenings to sporting events, food workshops to craft days, and anything in between. These have been brought to us by individual students, associations, and organisations.

Recently, a student approached us to create a speed dating evening with a Yugoslavian veteran so he could tell his story of what it was like to live in an active war zone. We have worked with associations such as Latitud in a cultural event where visitors immersed themselves in a variety of South American Christmas traditions through performances, workshops and local cuisine. Organisations like museum the Kunsthal contacted X to work with students from both Rotterdam and TU Delft, to Design and build a multi-material installation artefact, in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam..

Our range is broad and we are open to anyone wanting to reach students. Contact hosts-x@tudelft.nl for further information on how you can get the ball rolling.

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