House Rules

What can you expect from X?

  1. The space needed to be yourself and develop your potential.
  2. A hospitable environment where respect and trust form the basis for connection and collaboration.
  3. A place where you can feel welcome during <link x about-x openingstijden>opening hours. We provide clean, safe accommodation and the facilities required. If there is something wrong, please report it to the hosts in the entrance foyer.
  4. We are always working to update and improve what is on offer. If you have any ideas or feedback, please let the hosts know. You can find the contact details here.

What does X expect from you?

  1. You will only make use of X if: you have a valid X subscription, you have registered for a course, are participating in an event or have reserved/hired a space.*
  2. You show respect for each other.
  3. You make careful use of the X accommodation and materials. Always leave the room clean and tidy (in its original state). Please note: X offers activities and spaces where specific regulations apply:
    • If you wish to see which rooms you can and cannot enter, take a look at the interactive map [in development].
    • If you want to know the rules that apply in each room, you can find information on the specific rules in the room itself.
  4. You must abide by the general TU Delft house rules.


* Exception: <link x xplore freetown>Freetown, Cafe X and the Contemplation room, where you are welcome at all times.

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