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20 September 2021

Coronavirus update: From the new normal, getting back to the old normal

From Saturday 25 September 2021 the 1.5 metre social-distancing restriction will cease to apply and the rules for organising events will be considerably relaxed. Yet we will not be free of all coronavirus-related restrictions. In Cafe X and for events, everyone over 13 years old will need to show a COVID certificate to gain admission and the familiar safety measures will continue to apply. Fortunately, we will be able to increase the number of people allowed in a room and in Freetown the lounge, kitchen and 404 will be open for use, as will the changing rooms, showers and lockers.

08 September 2021

Vacancy: Open Studio Assistant at X TU Delft

As an Open Studio Assistant you are responsible for welcoming and assisting Open Studio participants on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons and to keep the studios in good shape when necessary. You are the face of our makerspaces and help people find their way around our offer such as courses and workshops. On occasion you are offered to create program yourself like a fun workshop or to assist in program that is already on offer.

26 August 2021

Registration Monday Evening Artificial Grass Soccer Competition 1 September

Registration Monday Evening Artificial Grass Soccer Competition 1 September

Would you like to take part in a football competition with your own team? Sign up for the Monday evening artificial grass competition! This competition consists of 6 pools of 16 teams, who once play half a league of 15 matches, followed by a whole league. The competition ends with a final tournament.