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03 December 2021

Update on ticket hours, fitness, courses and Open Studio!

Last week, there was another press conference with a new set of measures in this corona crisis. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible for our offer to take place after 17:00. We find it very important that you can continue to enjoy the offer of X where possible. That is why at the beginning of the week, we asked you what your needs are at this time, and we have been busy investigating several options.

29 November 2021

Coronavirus update: X closes earlier, face mask obligation and 1.5 metre rule

During the press conference on Friday 26 November, it was announced that many sectors will have to close their doors for a period of three weeks from 17:00 - 05:00 as of Sunday 28 November. This news obviously has major consequences for X and therefore for you as a visitor of X.

16 November 2021

Coronavirus update: a summary of the restrictions announced on 12 November

Last Friday, 12 November, the outgoing government announced extensive new restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus. These restrictions will apply for a minimum of three weeks, until 4 December. As the restrictions came into force at 18.00 on 13 November, we presented an initial update from X on Friday already. The following message outlines all of the restrictions that will affect you at X: 1.5 metre social distancing before and after outdoor sports, no spectators during sports activities, amended opening hours for several parts of our offer and the re-introduction of the take-away options.