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06 May 2022

Expansion of fitness time slots

Good news! Effective immediately, two expansions of the fitness timeslots have come into effect. What do these changes mean exactly?

03 May 2022

New menu! Will you come to taste the new specials at Cafe X?

Hey hey, it’s May! A brand new menu is here, full of specials that will put a smile on your face.

18 March 2022

Each Tuesday: weekly share & care about the situation in Ukraine

16 February 2022

Coronavirus update: X now completely re-opened!

During the press conference of Tuesday 15 February, it was announced that almost all coronavirus restrictions will be lifted. A message we have all been waiting for for a very long time! Most of the restrictions will be lifted as of Friday 18 February and 25 February. We are looking forward to X being fully re-opened at its regular times.

26 January 2022

Coronavirus update: Cafe X reopens and events, competitions and matches now also allowed

The further easing of restrictions announced in the press conference of Tuesday 25 January means that X can now increase its offer. This means that from today, we can once more warmly welcome you to Cafe X! In addition, X is able to host events and the competitions and matches can start up again. There are of course still restrictions and safety measures, but in principle all X activities can be restarted, so we are very happy!

17 January 2022

Coronavirus update: X has reopened

11 January 2022

New webshop goes live today!

In the news item of Thursday 23 December you could read the announcement of our new webshop. The plan was to launch this webshop on Tuesday 28 December, but due to last minute problems we had to postpone the launch. The good news is that the new webshop is ready to go live today, Tuesday 11 January.

23 December 2021

[Postponed] New webshop launches on Tuesday 28 December

Starting on Tuesday, 28 December 2021, X will have a new webshop, which can be accessed via From then on, the webshop will have a different look and feel to what you are used to. The new portal boasts numerous improvements. It is much more mobile-friendly, has an extensive search and filter option and several new features. These include the possibility to invite friends to join you in your planned activity.

20 December 2021

Coronavirus update: outdoor sports with two people and takeaway

In the news report of Saturday 18 December, you will have read that X will be closed until 14 January 2022. Fortunately, we are not completely closed. There are several exceptions for which X is still accessible. For example, an outdoor facility can be booked for sports involving no more than two people at a distance of 1.5 metres. In addition, the takeaway service is still open for delicious takeaway meals.

18 December 2021

Coronavirus update: X is closed

Tonight, Saturday 18 December 2021, a hard lockdown has been announced during the national press conference. As a result, X will be closed for the public until 14 January 2021 and all activities in this period have been cancelled.

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