X Subscription

Imagine yourself heading over to the ACTlab to 3D print your own design, then going to the Fitness to workout and after that, rehearsing with friends in one of the Rehearsal Studios. And later this week, you like some time to take a breather by joining your weekly yoga ticket hour and going to Boost for a relaxing massage. Sounds good, right? With an X subscription you can enjoy a large chunk of our programme!

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In our webshop you can easily purchase an X subscription. And after purchase you can use it immediately! 

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With an X subscription you can:

And if you would like to train in the Fitness, make sure that you purchase a fitness supplement in addition to your X subscription.

Furthermore, X offers more than 40 different courses. Signing up for these courses is not part of an X subscription. Every course has its own cost, which can be found on the course's page.

You can purchase an X subscription that last for different periods of time. It is important to know that:

  • The day of purchasing the subscription counts within the duration of your subscription. For instance, if you have purchased a one month subscription on 5 January, it is valid until 4 Februari.
  • Subscriptions, regardless of the purchase date, are never valid for longer than August 31 (end of academic year). 
  • In order to be part of a sports association or culture association you need a one year X subscription alongside the association's membership fees (see categorie 3 in the tarifs overview).
Tarifs Overview
All subscriptions are valid until the end of the academic year
Cat. I Students­tariff1 ≤12 ≤6 ≤3 ≤1 1w
X subscription 140 97 63 25 8
Fitness­supplement 132 92 59 25 7
Cat. II Employees­tariff2
X subscription
incl. fitness
519 287 158 58 16
X subscription
excl. fitness
308 172 96 35 9
X subscription
off peak3
216 120 66 24 7
off peak4
163 96 58 22 6
Cat. III Association­-related non- student, non-TU Delft 5,6
Association­participation 140
  • Let op: All prices above are in Euros (€) and include VAT.
  • 1. The student rates apply to: all WO and HBO students, PhD TU Delft. IHE Delft and registered partners of the aforementioned.
  • 2. The employee rates apply to: employees TU Delft, alumni TU Delft, retired employers TU Delft, affiliated third parties and registered partners of the aforementioned.
  • 3. Off peak: work days from 07:30 until 16:30, in weekends and during the summer periode (July and August).
  • 4. Off peak fitness: during the day 07:00 - 19:30, in weekends and during the summer period (July and August).
  • 5. The association related non-student non-TU Delft tariff only enables access to association activities.

You can order an X subscription and fitness supplement in two ways: through our webshop or with the hosts at the entrance.

Pay attention: when ordering a subscription online you need a NetID, Campus Card or College Card. If you are a new user and you don't have a NetID, Campus Card or College Card, then you can only order a subscription with a host.

If you have purchased an X subscription, you can register via the webshop for ticket hours and events and reserve time slots for Boost, ACTlab and the free use of various indoor and outdoor facilities. The fastest way to go to the webshop is via the main menu 'Offer' and then click on 'Sign up immediately'.

Registration for a ticket hour opens at 1:00 PM on the day of the ticket hour. If a ticket hour takes place in the morning, registration opens at 13:00 the day before. You can register unlimited for ticket hours. We do ask that you only register if you really intend to come (on time). Popular ticket hours can fill up quickly, so it's a shame if there are unnecessary 'empty spots'.

If you have a reservation, but you cannot be present (on time), you must unsubscribe at least half an hour (30 minutes) before the start of the reservation. This provides an opportunity for another motivated participant to take your place. In the automated e-mail with the reservation confirmation you will find a link to the webshop to unsubscribe. You can also go to the webshop yourself and cancel the reservation at Go to my bookings.

If you are not present on time and/or if you have not canceled the reservation in time, we will count this as a no-show. Read what this means in our Terms and Conditions.

By purchasing an X subscription you automatically agree to the terms and conditions. For an overview of our general terms and conditions, look here: