Terms and Conditions


Your participation in activities at X is at your own risk. We recommend that you take out effective third-party liability and accident insurance. In addition, X is not liable for theft, loss of or damage to personal property. Do not leave valuable possessions unattended in the rooms and changing areas. You can use a locker to store your belongings free of charge. Please note: at 05:00 every morning, all lockers open automatically; so make sure you do not leave your belongings in a locker overnight.

X reserves the right to cancel advertised activities.

Withdrawal and refunds
You are entitled to have the hosts cancel an X subscription, course or product within 14 days after purchase, without citing reasons, provided that you have not made use of it in any way. You will have the full purchase amount refunded. It is not possible to withdraw from events and non-recurrent activities, unless they have been cancelled.

If you have already made use of an X subscription or course, you can, in the event of force majeure*, have this terminated prematurely in consultation with the Hosts and have part of the purchase amount refunded. The amount refunded will be determined in accordance with a set calculation method. Refunds are not possible for events, non-recurrent activities and products.

* Possible forms of force majeure:
- If you go abroad for your degree programme and will therefore be unable to make use of your X subscription or course.

- If you can demonstrate that you are unable to make use of your X subscription or course due to injury.

X reserves the right to introduce price changes during the season if deemed necessary.

No rights may be derived from any errors in the prices quoted.

Changes in the range offered
X reserves the right to change the fixed range on offer on a quarterly basis.


The use of an X subscription is always strictly personal. It is not permitted to make use of a Campus Card or X Card belonging to someone else or that you may have found. To prevent misuse/loss, we recommend that you report any mislaid Campus Card or X Card to the Hosts.

Lost or damaged X Card
At the Hosts you can purchase a new X Card for the amount of €10.-.

Independent use of facilities
On the page Book a space as X member, you can find an overview of all the indoor and outdoor facilities that you can book for independent use. You may use a facility with several people at the same time. Only one person needs to book the desired time slot, but all the people present during the time slot should hold a valid X subscription.

You are requested to always arrive on time for a booked activity. For a ticket hour, ‘on time’ means the moment that the door of the facility is closed and the teacher/instructor checks off the participant list. For the fitness (gym), ‘on time’ means the moment when you scan your Campus Card/X Card at the entrance gates until a maximum of 30 minutes after the start of your booked time slot.

If you are unable to attend the booked activity, you should cancel your booking at least 30 minutes before the start of your booking. This will provide sufficient opportunity for another motivated participant to take your place. The page X subscription contains instructions on how to cancel your booking.

If you do not arrive on time and/or you have not cancelled your booking on time, we will count this as a no-show. You will receive an automatic notification of this by email. If the no-show was a result of circumstances beyond your control, you should contact the hosts.

For a first no-show, you will be given a warning. In the event of a second no-show, your X subscription will be blocked for seven days (7 x 24 hours after you have received the email). During this period, you will not be able to make any bookings with your X subscription. You will still be able to register for activities that are not part of your X subscription, such as courses and events. You can also continue to make use of all of X's freely accessible offer.
Do you have a booking in the period that your subscription is blocked? Make sure you cancel it or show up on time otherwise a new block of 7 days will take effect.

After seven days, your X subscription will automatically be unblocked. However, you will be 'on probation' for 60 days, which means that after every subsequent no-show, your subscription will immediately be blocked again for seven days. Once the 60 days have passed without any further no-show, a subsequent no-show will result in a warning again.

The no-show measure was introduced at the start of the 2021-2022 season to maximise the number of filled places in a ticket hour/fitness time slot. In the past, it often happened that participants did not show up (without explanation), although others would have liked to participate. The no-show measure introduces a reason for participants to cancel in time and not to occupy places unnecessarily.


Property rights on work

Any items you have made during a course, workshop or event can be collected up to two weeks afterwards. They will then become the permanent property of X and X will also be entitled to use them in publications.

Registering as an external person

Anyone interested in a course at X who is not a TU Delft student, PhD candidate or member of staff may still be able to participate if places are available. Contact the Hosts to check availability on the day that the course is set to start. If a place is free, the Hosts can arrange your registration.

Missing a lesson

If you are unable to attend a lesson, it is unfortunately not possible to catch up at a later date.

Rescheduled lesson

Courses are generally made up of a series of seven lessons. X reserves the right to postpone a lesson by a week on a once-only basis in the event of trainer illness or absence.

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