Results election of the best lecturer 2020-2021

News - 02 September 2021 - Webredactie 3mE

All students from the 3mE Faculty had the opportunity to vote for the best lecturer of the academic year 2020-2021. This award allows them show their appreciation for these lecturers’ unique and creative teaching styles. Good lecturers are indispensable to the quality of 3mE academic programmes.

The student associations (Variscopic, Froude en Leeghwater) based their annual awards for best lecturers in each programme on the questionnaire results. As icing on the cake, they have also chosen the best lecturer of the entire 3mE faculty. After all of the faculties selected their best lecturers, a nomination round for ‘Best lecturer at TU Delft 2021’ was held. An overview of the best lecturer per programme can be found below. Peter Wellens was elected overall winner of this award and is this year’s best lecturer of the 3mE

Best lecturers in Mechanical Engineering


  • First year: Matthijs Langelaar
    His lectures are clear and well-structured. He puts a great deal of thought into almost everything in his classes, with detailed examples, reflections on the world, demonstrations, you name it.

  • Second year: Rene Swarttouw
    Very pleasant lecturer to listen to. Handled the online situation well. The lessons were fun despite being online.

  • Third year: Paul Breedveld
    Paul’s enthusiasm when he talks is infectious. Moreover, during the breaks between the two hours of lectures, he gave nice demonstrations of his own projects (restoring old cameras and calculators).  


  • Multi-Machine Technology: Bilge Atasoy
    Answers all of the students’ questions patiently and thoroughly. The course content is interesting and reasonable.

  • High-Tech Engineering & Opto-Mechatronics: Farbod Alijani
    Even though the lectures are online, he is very good at creating an interactive atmosphere during his lectures.

  • Energy & Process Technology: Daniël Tam
    He gave wonderful lectures, well organised, perfectly explained, with a good balance between theory and exercises. It was great to see how clearly he explained each subject.

  • Biomedical Design: Arend Schwab
    He explains abstract mathematical concepts in a clear, accessible and captivating way through his YouTube lectures. His weekly assessments, online peer review system, and Q&A follow-up are a unique way to reinforce the challenging material.

  • Biomedical Engineering: Wouter Serdijn
    Extremely approachable, humorous and engaging. Everything from the lectures, from the communication to the assignments and evaluations, was very pleasant to carry out.

  • Systems and Control: Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani
    Professor Peyman gives the clearest and most interactive live lectures. He uses all the additional apps along with student feedback on the quality of the course. He also sends everyone an email before each lecture to recap and review the material, which is very convenient for online learning.

  • Robotics: Olya Kudina
    The lectures were highly informative and there was plenty of room for questions. The lectures were delivered within the allotted time. Olya focused a great deal on the students' welfare and was happy to receive feedback.


Best lecturers in Clinical Technology


  • First year: Eline van der Kruk
    She really did her utmost to make online lecturing as easy and fun as possible for the students. She went beyond the call of duty and is an enthusiastic speaker!

  • Second year: Bob van Vliet  -

  • Third year: Jeremy Schiphof-Godart  -


  • Imaging & Intervention: Klazien Huitema  

Best lecturers in Marine Technology


  • First year: Dennis den Ouden
    He just really knows how to inspire you, even though the lectures are online. I sit attentively in his lecture and feel that I am seen and listened to.

  • Second year: Klaas Visser
    This is a lecturer with a lot of love for the subject and his students. He’s always ready to help out and his enthusiasm makes other students enthusiastic about his subjects as well.

  • Third year: Abdelrahman Hussein
    Good explainer.


  • Marine Technology: Peter Wellens
    Elected best lecturer in 3mE. Good methodology, patient, provides exactly the right background information and gives inspiring lectures. Read the interview with Peter Wellens.
  • Offshore & Dredging Engineering: Jeroen Hoving
    Excellent explanation of content, good examples of theory and practical applications. Lectures entertaining and thorough.
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