Irene Dedoussi new member of the Young Academy 2022

News - 09 December 2021

The Young Academy is welcoming ten new members. They are researchers who work in a variety of disciplines, have been selected for their scientific achievements, and received their doctorates less than ten years ago. One of them is Dr. Irene Dedoussi, Assistant Professor in the field of the atmospheric impacts of aviation.   

Foto: Frank Auperlé

Environmental challenges of aviation

How can engineers and policymakers address the environmental challenges in aviation? That is the question at the heart of Irene Dedoussi’s research. She uses models and measurements to analyse how emissions from the aviation industry and other sectors affect the atmosphere, leading to air pollution and impacting the climate. As a member of The Young Academy, Dedoussi will advocate for interdisciplinary research and work to ensure that scientific advances are not confined to academia but are applied in decision-making and in real-world contexts. 

Ten new members

Irene Dedoussi is one of ten new members. In their research, they examine such topics as the early Greek conceptualization of human nature, the role of AI in development issues, the ‘They will be researching topics such as the human view of the ancient Greeks, the role of AI in development issues, the ‘archaeology’ of our galaxy, and how to create an AI version of a maths teacher. 

The ten new members will be inducted into The Young Academy on 22 March 2022. During their five-year membership, they will champion projects focusing on science policy, interdisciplinarity, science and society, and internationalisation.  

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