Sustainable alternatives to kerosene: the facts

News - 06 April 2021

Why are CO2 emissions from flying increasing while aircraft are becoming more fuel efficient? What would be a logical distance to fly on a battery-powered electric plane? In what ways can you fly on hydrogen? The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (Royal NLR) and TU Delft have answered these and other pressing questions about sustainable aviation by setting out the facts in the fact sheet 'Sustainable Alternatives to Kerosene'.   

In doing so, Royal NLR and TU Delft aim to contribute to the lively public debate on sustainable aviation. Previously we published a white paper on the most promising technological routes to climate-neutral aviation in 2050.

More information:

Kees de Waal, NLR: 06 2334 7785,
Ineke Boneschansker, TU Delft: 015 278 5361,

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