Future managers and engineers learn to cooperate with Technology Management

News - 18 June 2021 - Communication ImPhys

Academic programmes often produce specialists, each highly skilled in their own discipline but not necessarily well-prepared for a career in multidisciplinary companies. At Applied Sciences in Delft and Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management, however, they have been teaching their students for over a decade how to collaborate with people who think differently.

Alumni point the way

Fifteen years ago, the faculty of Applied Sciences asked their alumni in business to appraise its curriculum. As expected, its graduates were praised for their knowledge and engineering skills. ‘But our graduates were considered clueless regarding the other aspects and disciplines involved in developing products and innovation,’ says Kees Hagen, associate professor at the Department of Imaging Physics of TU Delft. ‘They told us it took them years to get our engineers up to speed in their companies.’ The then program director suggested to contact a good management school. It’s location? Rotterdam.

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Source:  https://www.leiden-delft-erasmus.nl/
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