Isabel Droste joined ImPhys as PhD student

News - 11 January 2022 - Communication ImPhys

Isabel Droste joined ImPhys as of the 1st of January 2022. Her research will focus on Single Molecule Localization Microscopy, under supervision of Bernd Rieger and Sjoerd Stallinga. Isabel has a background in applied mathematics, specifically scientific computing and inverse problems. She finished a double bachelor in Mathematics and Earth Sciences and a master in Mathematics at Utrecht University.

Her master’s thesis was about an algorithm for deconvolution of fluorescence microscopy images. After that, she worked on a 6 month research project at VU Amsterdam about fluorescent imaging of 3D printed microstructures.

Isabel enjoys combining algorithms and programming with designing and building optical setups. What she also really like about microscopy is that it brings together many disciplines like physics, mathematics, computer science, biology and chemistry. During her PhD, she will start working on a programming project to improve the PSF model for localization microscopy.

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