Jenny Dankelman and Arjan Mol appointed as fellows Netherlands Academy of Engineering

News - 02 November 2023 - Webredactie 3mE

The Netherlands Academy of Engineering (NAE) emphasises the importance of technological innovation with the appointment of 62 fellows. Among them are 11 researchers from TU Delft, two of whom work for the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE). Jenny Dankelman and Arjan Mol will focus on stimulating the innovation climate that provides engineering-based solutions to major societal issues.

Arjan Mol, professor of Corrosion Technology and Electrochemistry, does research on unravelling local corrosion mechanisms, surface treatment of metals, adhesion between polymers and metal (oxides) and performance of actively protective coatings in application areas ranging from aerospace to micro-electronics. Jenny Dankelman is professor of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Intervention Techniques and focuses on the development of medical instruments that allow operations to be performed with minimal damage to healthy tissue, so-called keyhole surgery. She also devotes herself to improving processes in the operating room. In addition, she is committed to the development of safe and affordable surgical instruments that can be applied in developing countries.

Fellows' commitment and expertise

NAE's fellows consist of experts from research institutes, companies and start-ups. They are active in various sectors, including High Tech Systems and Materials, ICT, Healthcare, Energy, Water Management and Food. The fellows will share their knowledge and skills through the NAE forum, translate insights into practical advice and work to remove obstacles and stimulate concrete innovation initiatives.

Appointment of NAE members

On Monday 13 November, the festive inauguration of the 62 fellows will take place at De Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. There, in addition to the demissionary Ministers of Education, Culture and Science and of Economic Affairs and Climate, the 4TU.Federation will also give speeches. NAE will elect ten new Fellows every year from 2024 onwards.