Three new Medical Delta professors at 3mE

News - 15 November 2023 - Webredactie 3mE

On 14 November, a new group of Medical Delta professors and lecturers were inaugurated. Two TU Delft professors at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE) received part-time appointments at other academic institutions within Medical Delta. 3mE also welcomes a new professor: Luc van der Laan.

A total of nine professors and two lecturers were inaugurated within Medical Delta. This is a partnership between TU Delft, Erasmus MC, Erasmus University, LUMC, Leiden University and 4 universities of applied sciences. Its goal is to realise technological solutions for sustainable care.

Focus on urgent healthcare problems

Staff shortages, an increasing demand for care, healthcare systems reaching a standstill: in an increasing number of areas, the predicted healthcare crisis is already noticeable. The Medical Delta professors appointed will each contribute solutions to these challenges within their respective fields.

Unburdening healthcare staff

John van den Dobbelsteen is professor of Medical Process Engineering at 3mE and from 14 November also professor at LUMC and Erasmus MC. He focuses on the shortage of healthcare personnel and investigates how medical technology can support employees and automate certain tasks. He specifically looks at the integration and application of medical technology in work processes in and around the operating room.

Repairing organs

Professor of Biomaterials and Tissue Biomechanics, Amir Zadpoor, receives a part-time appointment at LUMC in addition to his TU Delft appointment. With his research, he hopes to replace damaged organs and tissues in the future. He does a lot of research on implants of synthetic biomaterials, regenerating damaged tissues and organs and transplanting generated transplants.

Treatment for liver diseases

Erasmus MC professor of Regenerative Medicine of the Liver, Luc van der Laan, may also call himself TU Delft professor from 14 November. He will receive a part-time appointment at 3mE. Within his specialisation in liver diseases, he focuses on patient-specific disease processes. His goal is to find the best suited treatment for each patient and, in the future, even repair organs.