Blended Course Design Bootcamp

News - 09 February 2023 - Teaching Support

The Blended Course Design Bootcamp is an exclusive opportunity for university teachers to immerse themselves in educational innovation for two days. The participants collaborate with colleagues and experts to improve their academic education through very practical and hands-on activities. This on-site event will be hosted on Wednesday 5 and Thursday 6 April 2023.  

What is it

The Course Design Bootcamp aims to provide teachers and educators with inspiration, flow, and focus to improve the teaching they provide and the learning they facilitate. Together with educational experts, advisors, learning developers, and teaching assistants, ideas for development will be refined and various solutions explored. Feedback from peers and experts will strengthen their approach and guide them towards a solid action plan that can be executed after these intensive days of collaboration.

What to expect?

  • A concrete and practical design for educational improvement of your own course(s) 
  • A plan for developing and implementing your improved course 
  • An expanded network of colleagues and experts who can also support you in further developments after the event. 

Who can participate

In total 5 course teams can participate in this event. A course team consist of at least 2 lecturers (e.g., the course manager, a lecturer, a PhD candidate) and a student assistant.


Participation in this unique opportunity is free of charge, including hotel accommodation and catering. To apply, lecturers are requested to write a short proposal (max 1 A4). The proposal will be assessed based on the following criteria.

  • Improvement of education 

How do you want to improve (a part of) your campus course?

  • Effect on student learning 

How will your project outcomes affect student learning? 

  • Applicability in teaching 

How will you and your colleagues use the project outcomes in your courses? 

Course Team

Who will be involved in your course team? A course team consists of at least 2 lecturers (e.g., the course manager, a lecturer, a PhD candidate), a student assistant. A blended learning developer will also be available to support your course team.

How to participate 

  • Write a short proposal of 1 A4. Make sure that the 4 aforementioned points are included.
  • Make sure that you fully book 5 and 6 April in your calendar. It will be an on-site event (hotel accommodation will be facilitated and are free of charge).
  • The proposal and additional information should be submitted via this form, or use the link via the QR code below. 
  • Deadline for submitting the proposal is 21 February. 
  • We notify you before 14 March if your proposal is accepted. 
  • Please contact Wiebe Dijkstra ( if you have any questions.

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