Going abroad: Rubicon grant for Aafke van Aalst

News - 25 July 2023 - Communication TNW

PhD Candidate Aafke van Aalst has received a Rubicon grant from NWO, which enables her to gain research experience at a leading institute abroad for two years. The coveted grant was awarded to 15 young, highly promising researchers in total.

Efficient collaboration and communication between yeast cells for optimal product formation

Who?  Ir. A.C.A. van Aalst, PhD Candidate at the Jack Pronk Group
What?  Yeast is used for many biotechnological processes that use renewable feedstocks for the production of fuels, food ingredients and medicines. To function optimally, growth of the yeast and product formation in these processes need to be accurately controlled. This proposal aims to develop new, generic methods to enable this.
Where?  Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
How long?  24 months