An important facility of the group of Concrete Structures is the concrete laboratory. The laboratory is part of the Construction Laboratory of the department ‘Structural Engineering’. The laboratory enables the group to perform research on characteristics of new types of concrete and on large scale concrete structures.

In the Concrete Laboratory a concrete casting area is present, with several small scale mixers with capacities ranging from 1 up to 150 litres. The availability of several types of cement, various sizes of sand and aggregates and different types of fillers enables research on mixture design as well as the casting of small structural elements for testing of mechanical properties of new concrete types.

Other facilities of the concrete lab include:

  • Concrete drilling and sawing workshop
  • Fog room and climatised rooms for testing of e.g. shrinkage and creep.
  • Temperature Stress Testing Machine for testing hardening concrete subjected to restrained deformations.
  • Equipment for testing of rheological properties of fresh concrete and mechanical properties of the hardened state.

An overview of all mechanical testing equipment can be found on