Research lines

To serve society, the focus of the group is on two main research lines:

  • assessment of existing concrete structures
    • The group is famous for the research on failure mechanisms, especially shear failure, development of non-destructive techniques such as acoustic emission for damage detection (monitoring), and on assessing and developing guidelines for proof loading of existing structures.
  • upscaling of innovative types of concrete
    • Group activities are focused on developing safe procedures for the  structural application of new types of concretes in order to serve societal demands. For example, using Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) for developing a fast and safe procedure for the replacement of existing bridges, using UHPFRC and bendable concrete (SHCC) for strengthening and repair or “green” (geopolymer) concrete as more sustainable building material. Current interest of the group is to investigate and develop a guideline for a safe structural application of these materials in reinforced and pre-stressed elements and structures.