The aim of the foundation “Stichting Molengraaff Fonds” (STMF) is to grant financial support, paid by the interest of the capital of the foundation, to students  or graduates who got their degree less than three years ago at institutions of scientific education in the Netherlands, for performing research in geology in the widest interpretation of the word, so including research on crystallography, petrography, paleontology, geophysics and ore metallurgy, with the understanding that for comparable requests of equal level preference will be given to students or graduates of the TU-Delft. 

Deadline application: 31 January 2020.

Application form: Click here 

Please send the application form to the secretary of the Fund:

M.J. Schillemans - van Tuijl
p/a Dept. of  Geoscience & Engineering, room 3.16
Postbus 5048
2600 GA Delft
Tel. 015-278 1423

Within 2 weeks after the Board meeting, which is scheduled in March 2020, the applicants will receive a letter with the decision of the Board.