General Information

Drone (md4-200 – built by Microdrones GmbH).

Small drone with four electrical motors flies for up to 20min is good to fair weather conditions. It carries a commercial camera to take pictures for the construction of Digital Elevation Models. Flies on sight or along a planned route during which it acquires images at regular intervals. Software packages allow the orthorectification of images and the generation of Digital Elevation Model within a few hours from acquisition.

Laboratory of Geoscience and Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and  Geosciences, Stevinweg 1, Delft (Building #23).

Key Words:
Digital Elevation Models, photogrammetry, outcrop imaging, quantitative geology.

Main Application:
It is used for the generation of Digital Elevation Models with draped photographic images of 3D outcrops ranging in dimensions from few meters to kilometers. Being small and light it can be transported easily and employed in remote areas. It is used for studies of fractured rocks as well as for quantification of sedimentological architectures.

Instrument Specification:


Vehicle mass - 800 g
Payload mass (recommanded) - 150 g
Payload mass (maximum) - 250 g
Maximum take-off weight - 1100 g
Endurance - Up to 30 min. Endurance can always vary with wind/weather, payload and age of battery
Flight radius - <2-3km
Service ceiling - 2000m ASL
Operational Conditions

Temperature range - -10-40°C
Wind tolerance - Steady pictures up to 4 m/s, max. up to 8 m/s

Diameter - 540 mm
Height - 230 mm


Prof. Dr. G. (Giovanni) Bertotti

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