Martuganova, E.


I am a geophysicist working as a postdoctoral researcher in Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics section. Before joining TU Delft, I was employed by GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, where I did my PhD. I defended my thesis at TU Berlin. My doctoral research was focused on the application of vertical seismic profiling acquired using distributed acoustic sensing for the exploration of geothermal systems.



Currently, within the framework of the SHARP project, I work on seismic data analysis for carbon-capturing storage (CCS) applications. The project aims to increase the accuracy of subsurface CO2 storage containment risk management through the improvement and integration of subsurface stress models, rock mechanical failure and seismicity observations. The acquired knowledge will be applied to CCS development strategies in different regions of the North Sea.

Key publications

  • Buisman, M., Martuganova, E., Kirichek, A. and Draganov, D. 2022. Water-Depth Estimation Using Propeller Noise by Distributed Acoustic Sensing. 83rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, Madrid, Spain, 1-5,
  • Buisman, M., Martuganova, E., Kiers, T., Draganov, D. and Kirichek, A. 2022. Continuous monitoring of the depth of the water-mud interface using distributed acoustic sensing. Journal of Soils and Sediments,
  • Buisman, M., Martuganova, E., Draganov, D. and Kirichek, A. 2022. Monitoring shear-stress changes using seismic measurements from controlled sources and ambient noise and optical fibres WODCON XXIII, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Martuganova, E., Stiller, M., Norden, B., Henninges, J. and Krawczyk, C.M. in review. 3D deep geothermal reservoir imaging with wireline distributed acoustic sensing in two boreholes. Solid Earth,
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  • Henninges, J., Martuganova, E., Stiller, M., Norden, B. and Krawczyk, C.M. 2021. Wireline distributed acoustic sensing allows 4.2 km deep vertical seismic profiling of the Rotliegend 150°C geothermal reservoir in the North German Basin. Solid Earth 12, 521-537,



SHARP Storage
Stress history and reservoir pressure for improved quantification of CO2 storage containment risks.


Evgeniia Martuganova


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