Coastal Dynamics Open Textbook

Authored by Judith Bosboom and Marcel Stive

ISBN (softback/paperback) 978-94-6366-370-0
ISBN (e-book) 978-94-6366-371-7
DOI 10.5074/T.2021.001

In the context of Delft University of Technology’s Open Textbook series this textbook is published as an Open Access version of lecture notes that have been developed to support and supplement a Delft University of Technology first year Master course on Coastal Dynamics. The textbook focuses on the interrelation between physical wave, flow and sediment transport phenomena and the resulting morphodynamics of a wide variety of coastal systems. The textbook is unique in that it explicitly connects the dynamics of open coasts and tidal basins; not only is the interaction between open coasts and tidal basins of basic importance for the evolution of most coastal systems, but describing the similarities between their physical processes is highly instructive as well. This textbook emphasizes these similarities to the benefit of understanding shared processes, such as nonlinearities in flow and sediment transport. Some prior knowledge with respect to the dynamics of flow, waves and sediment transport is recommended.

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