Baukje Kothuis


Baukje Kothuis is a design anthropologist. She obtained her PhD in Science, Technology and Society studies in 2012, focusing on coping strategies for flood risk. Her main research and education interests are design of flood risk reduction structures & strategies and developing stakeholder inclusive design & knowledge integration practices. For TU Delft, she is the liaison between universities in the Texas/Louisiana coastal region: Texas A&M University at Galveston, Rice University Houston, Jackson State University in Mississippi, Lousiana State University at Baton Rouge. She also works as an independent consultant for BBE-Waterworks, Amsterdam.


  • Kothuis investigates and facilitates multidisciplinary education and research collaboration engaging with flood risk for the US based NSF-PIRE Program, based at Texas A&M University Galveston.
  • NWO-STW Research Program ‘Integral and Sustainable Development of Multifunctional Flood Defenses’: coaching, co-developing and researching processes of knowledge integration and collaboration between twenty researchers at three Dutch universities.
  • NWO Delta's of the World (UDW) Program 'Integrated and Sustainable Port Design in an African context - Tema, Ghana': research and development stakeholder inclusive design practices.

Educational Activities

AR0086/AR0093 – Infrastructure & Environment Design 2019-2020 –co-tutor for Anthropological perspective and case Houston, Texas. Multidisciplinary course, engaging with main RQ: “How can ecosystem participation work as catalyst for healthy, climate proof extreme urban environments?”

To stimulate and design the synergy between design and engineering this course offers the possibility for architects, urban designers and landscape architects to get well acquainted with the concepts and language of civil engineers on the subject of infrastructure and environment; at the same time the civil engineers will get acquainted with the world and language of designers.

(Key) Publications

Klaassen, R.G.; Kothuis, B.L.M.; Slinger, J.H. (2020). Engineering Roles in Building with Nature Interdisciplinary Design - Educational Experiences. In: Van Bergen (Eds.) Building with Nature Perspectives. Cross-disciplinary BwN approaches in coastal regions. ‘Research in Urbanism’ (RiUS) Series, Volume 7, Delft University of Technology

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Sebastian, A.G.; Lendering K.T.; Kothuis, B.L.M.; Brand A.D.; Jonkman, S.N. (2017). Hurricane Harvey Report: A fact-finding effort in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in the Greater Houston Region. Delft University of Technology.

Kothuis, B.L.M.; Kok, M. (2017). Integral Design of Multifunctional Flood Defenses: Multidisciplinary Approaches and Examples. TU Delft University, TU Delft Library Press. ISBN 9789461868084

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Kothuis, B.L.M., Brand, A.D., Sebastian, A.G., Nillesen, A.L. & Jonkman, S.N. (eds.) (2015). Delft Delta Design – The Houston Galveston Bay Region, Texas, USA. Delft: TU Delft University, TU Delft Library Press. ISBN 9789461864901

Kothuis, B.L.M. (2012). Waterveiligheid: managen van kwetsbaarheid voorbij de mythe van droge voeten. Een sociaal-cultureel perspectief op de Nederlandse omgang met overstromingsdreiging. [Flood safety: Managing vulnerability beyond the myth of dry feet. A socio-cultural perspective on Dutch ways of coping with flood risk.] PhD Thesis w. Trudes Heems (in Dutch). ISBN

Baukje 'Bee' Kothuis

Research Fellow