Orson Tieleman


Orson Tieleman graduated cum laude from the Hydraulic Engineering master at Delft University. After his graduation he continued within this department as a part-time PhD researcher, studying the dynamic behaviour of hydraulic structures. His research is in cooperation with the Afsluitdijk renovation project of Rijkswaterstaat. Besides his research, Orson works as a consultant at Horvat & Partners. In this role, he advises clients on technical and financial aspects of infrastructural projects such as the expansion of Ring Utrecht, Zuidasdok and lock IJmuiden.

(Key) Publications

Tieleman, O. C., Tsouvalas, A., Hofland, B., Peng, Y., & Jonkman, S. N. (2019). A three dimensional semi-analytical model for the prediction of gate vibrations immersed in fluid. Marine Structures, vol. 65,  pp. 134-153.

Orson Tieleman

PhD student

Presence: Variable

Secondary Company: Horvat & Partners