Srividya Hariharan


Srividya finished her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with Honors from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Trichy, India, in 2019. Soon after, she went on to pursue her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at ETH Zürich, Switzerland, with funding from the Master Scholarship Programme of the university. Her field of specialization in her Master’s studies was on Water Resources Management, with minors in Remote Sensing and Ecological Systems Design. During her Master’s, she did a part-time internship at EBP Schweiz, Zürich, for six months, where she was part of a team spearheading the establishment of a new branch for the company in India.


After completing her Master’s degree, Srividya started her PhD at the Hydraulic Structures and Flood Risk section of TU Delft in January 2022. Her PhD is on the topic, ‘Integrated Management of Flood and Drought’ under the supervision of Dr. Elisa Ragno, Prof. Dr. Ir. Matthijs Kok, and Dr. Ir. Oswaldo Morales Napoles. The research aims to develop an integrated water management approach in which flood and drought are considered inter-connected hazards to ensure a balance in water availability between dry and wet periods.

Srividya Hariharan

PhD Candidate

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