Transport & Planning

How can we solve congestion? How can we make transport more reliable? How do we reduce the environmental impact of transport and logistics? How do we improve traffic and transportation safety? How do we deal with the transportation impacts of climate change? How do we make responsible use of novel development in technology to deal with these issues? 

These are just examples of questions that the Transport & Planning Department at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences is looking into. By performing top scientific research and by educating world class transportation engineers, we aim to contribute to the creation of an efficient, sustainable and resilient transportation system.

Research at T&P is conducted across a multitude of relevant research themes, organized via eleven collaborative labs (the so-called T&P labs), and led by one or two Principal Scientists.

Next to doing state-of-the-art research, we provide transport and planning courses in the Bachelor programme Civil Engineering, we offer a Transport & Planning track in the MSc programmes Civil Engineering, and we participate in the interfaculty MSc programme Transport Infrastructure and Logistics.

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