Dr. M. (Maaike) Snelder


Maaike is part time assistant professor transport networks at the Department of Transport and Planning, Civil Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. Her work focuses on the robustness of road networks and the reliability of travel times. Besides that she has been employed at TNO since 2004. Maaike has a background in Econometrics. She completed her PhD research on designing robust road networks in 2010 (cum laude).


My research focuses on analyzing and designing traffic and transport networks. I have a broad experience in the development, application and testing of (data-driven) static and dynamic, strategic and real-time traffic transport models. For example, I developed robustness models, I oversaw the development of the first real-time waterway traffic model for the canals of Amsterdam and lead the development of prediction and smart routing models in the context of the ‘Praktijkproef’ (field trial) in Amsterdam.

  • Snelder, M., B. Wesseling, B. van Arem, B, Hertogh, M. (2017 – to be published) Evaluating the robustness of road networks in case of incidents for different topological and geometrical roadway designs. Transport Policy.
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More publications

Lectures in:

  • Advanced transport modelling and network design
  • Assessment of Transport Infrastructure and Systems
  • Landside accessibility of airports

I supervise master and PhD students.

  • Snelder, M. (2010) Designing robust road network, A general design method applied to the Netherlands, TRAIL Thesis Series nr. T2010/10, the Netherlands TRAIL Research School, ISBN number: 978-90-5584-135-6.
  • Immers, L.H., B. Egeter, M. Snelder, C. Tampere (2011) Reliability of travel times and robustness of transport networks, in: Editor M. Kutz (eds.) Handbook of Transportation Engineering, McGraw-Hill, United States of America.

Maaike Snelder

Assistant Professor Transport Networks

Secretary: Dehlaila da Costa Ricardo



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