27 March 2017

Dutch ‘cameras’ on NASA Science Mission

‘First complete study of all phases of the stellar life cycle’

21 March 2017

KNAW appoints Marileen Dogterom to its board

On the 1st of June, Marileen Dogterom, professor of bionanoscience at TU Delft and professor of atomic and molecular physics at Leiden University, will join the board of The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) for one day a week. The appointment term is four years. Dogterom will succeed Ben Feringa, who has completed his term.

20 March 2017

European grant brings smart industrial robots within reach of Dutch companies

TU Delft researchers are set to receive an EU grant of €7.6 million to develop open-source robotics software. The move will bring smart industrial robots within the reach of Dutch companies, since half of the budget will be available for partners in industry willing to work on the development of applications.

17 March 2017

Delft University of Technology organises first anti-drone race

To incorporate drones in our lives in a good and safe way, we need anti-drone instruments. On 4 December the TU Delft Micro Air Vehicle Lab (MAVLab) will therefore host the first ever anti-drone competition DroneClash. During this competition participants use their own drone(s) to take down as many other drones as possible. They also need to avoid a whole series of anti-drone interventions. Teams who wish to take part in the competition can register from this week.