15 March 2018

Increasingly accurate picture of accelerating rise in sea levels

Rising sea levels are affected by all kinds of different factors, most of which we can now effectively unravel and explain almost everywhere in the world. This is according to TU Delft researcher Thomas Frederikse, who has also established that the average rise in sea levels worldwide is accelerating. Moreover, the days on earth are becoming slightly longer... Frederikse will be awarded his doctorate on Monday, 19 March.

09 March 2018

Jan Dirk Jansen appointed as dean CEG

TU Delft’s Executive Board has appointed Professor Jan Dirk Jansen as Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG) with effect from 1 May 2018. Jan Dirk Jansen succeeds professor Bert Geerken, who will retire in May 2018.

05 March 2018

TU Delft scans painting Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer

Last week an extensive two week scanning project of the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring - the Dutch Mona Lisa, some say - started at the Mauritshuis. The latest scanning techniques are used, and the audience can follow every step of the process. TU Delft researchers play a major part in this project, and this week their efforts can be followed on the TU Delft Instagram account.

02 March 2018

Wind energy: driving down costs

Despite its recent growth, there’s still a lot of room for cost reductions in wind energy. That’s the view given by prof.dr. Simon Watson in his inaugural lecture at TU Delft on Friday March 2nd.