20 July 2018

Uncovering the interplay between two famous quantum effects

The Casimir force and superconductivity are two well-known quantum effects. Separately, these phenomena have been thoroughly studied. But what happens when you bring the two effects together in a single experiment? For the very first time, researchers at Delft University of Technology have done just that. They’ve created a microchip on which two wires were placed in close proximity, in order to measure the Casimir forces that act upon these wires when they become superconducting.

16 July 2018

Seven Veni’s for TU Delft researchers

NWO has announced the Veni recipients for 2018. Amongst them are seven scientists from Delft University of Technology. The Veni grants allow researchers who have recently obtained their PhD to conduct independent research and develop their ideas for a period of three years. The seven recipients and their reseach topics are:

16 July 2018

TU Delft starts top research facility for energy system of the future

The integration of new technologies in the energy system is a vital aspect of the energy transition. As yet there are no facilities for testing new components in the high-voltage grid. TU Delft is changing this situation by building the ESP Lab (Electrical Sustainable Power Lab, Powered by TenneT). This lab will be a unique facility for top-class research into system integration in the energy system. This research is needed to be able to develop the energy system of the future.

10 July 2018

Eco-Runner Team Delft Wins Vehicle Design Award at Shell Eco-Marathon

The Shell Eco-Marathon 2018 took place in London this weekend and a D:DREAM Team, Eco-Runner Team Delft, was there! Last year, the team was not satisfied with the results as bad luck followed them during the entire event. This year, however, the team performed much better by finishing third in class and winning the prestigious vehicle design award!