Fees and funding

TU Delft offers you an excellent research and learning environment, inspiring supervision by leading scientists, and a highly valued Doctoral Education course programme. In order to support the costs of our PhD programmes, the university requires a contribution.

Tuition fees and bench fees

There are two types of costs: a tuition fee and a bench fee.

  • Tuition fee
    A contribution to the cost of supporting and training you as a PhD candidate, and use general campus facilities: 11,000 euros per PhD programme at TU Delft.
  • Bench fee
    An annual contribution to the costs incurred in the provision of workspaces and laboratories, based on the anticipated use of these facilities. This fee remains fixed during your PhD programme. Since these costs vary per candidate and research project, bench fees differ accordingly. The fee is charged to the institute you work for. If you are not funded by an institute, the costs will be charged to you.


At the start of the PhD programme (preferably before your first working day) agreements are recorded on:

  • How the fees are calculated
  • What they will amount to
  • To whom they will be charged

It is at the faculty’s discretion to waive either or both fees.


PhD programmes can be funded in several ways:

  1. Regular PhD position
    You are employed on a four-year contract at your supervisor’s department. Depending on your research project, and the way this project is funded, you may be expected to also spend time on teaching or supervision activities.
  2. Own funding
    Scholarship or grant
    If there are no PhD positions available in your area of interest, you will have to find your own funding. This could be a scholarship or a grant.
    A sponsorship from your employer can also be a way of arranging your own funding. Employers sometimes provide financial support when their employees become part-time PhD candidates at TU Delft.

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