Meet the Energy Leader: Arash Aazami

“The future of energy - when everything is connected”

by Arash Aazami; founder 'The Internet of Energy Initiative' - Chairman Universal Right.

Date: 2  October 2019

Modorator: professor Paulien Herder

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It almost seems like a Zen-Buddhist approach to energy: everything will be connected to everything else. But this time not only in the cosmic sense of the word, but physically, for real. The Internet of Energy is designed to enable every device in the world to exchange energy with one another. 

We can change the world through our own decisions and actions. Everything -and every individual- can be reinvented. We need an inventor’s mindset more than an engineers’ or economist’s mindset to rebuild the world as we know it within one generation. Clean and renewable energy can and will be universally accessible, and exchanged by billions of users over an Internet of Energy soon. It all starts with your own dreams. It is up to us to turn these dreams into realities. And this is exactly what we can and will do, together.

In an inspiring talk full of realism, Arash will take you on a journey towards an understanding of the Internet of Energy and of its role in our near future.

Building up a company that earns more as it sells less. Does that seem unattainable to you? Not to Arash Aazami. What he dreams, he develops into realities. Touring as a musician, pioneering in online tech, hitting rock bottom, and climbing back up again. Arash’ life journey gave him an uncanny ability to rethink, re-invent, disrupt even himself, and turn crises into opportunities. Arash’ stories and presence fill the room with hope and momentum to make that positive change.

Arash is a remarkable entrepreneur and a gifted speaker. When Arash enters a room, it lights up with his energy. And that’s exactly what he wants to talk to you about. Energy, according to Arash, is the fundamental driving force behind every innovation. For business, new economies and even our progress as humankind.

Regardless the field you work in, his vision of an “Internet of Energy” for every human being will awaken your inner inventor to build the future. All of that starts with your own dreams. After you have seen Arash speak you will be sparked by his personal motto:”


Arash Aazami