LT Ready Symposium

14 October 2021 12:00 till 18:00 - Location: TU Delft | X (Mekelweg 10) | Add to my calendar

SYMPOSIUM: ‘Low Temperature Ready: Buildings, Networks and Users'

This event brought together stakeholders from governmental, commercial and scientific institutions, to present and discuss the current trends and opportunities for low temperature readiness of the building stock. The event combined a networking platform and presentations covering diverse aspects involved in the LT-Ready transition, from the building, networks and users perspectives.

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Robert Dijksterhuis, Ministry of BZK
Paula van den Brom, TU Delft

Three parallel sessions on the following topics:
1) Building Requirements
• What level of insulation is needed for a comfortably heated home?
• How far can temperature in existing systems be lowered without comfort losses?
Speakers: Saskia Rutten (TU Delft); Prateek Wahi (TU Delft); Sabine Jansen (Ministry of BZK); Thijs Vreeken (Deltares)
2) Buildings users/acceptability/post occupancy
• What are the experiances on acceptability with moving to LT Ready?
• What can we learn from executed projects?
Speakers: Edwin van Kessel (BeNext); Stella Boess (TU Delft); Paul Das (Bos Installatiewerken)
3) Impact on energy netwerk
• What is the impact on the electricity network?
• What is the impact on thermal networks?
Speakers: Rard Rijcken (Eteck); Eelco Fortuin (Zonnet project); Richard Ruijtenbeek (City of Amsterdam); Roelof Potters (Alliander)

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