But girls just don't like tech - A lunch lecture on our gendered society and how this affects women in STEM fields

With Shirley de Wit

06 October 2023 12:00 till 13:00 - Location: THEATRE HALL, X | Add to my calendar

Many girls just don’t like technology, or do they? At TU Delft, 31% of the students and 30% of the staff are women. Increasing these numbers would result in more people who can fill STEM vacancies. Furthermore, research shows that increased diversity results in more productive and innovative products. But why do we have this lack of women in many (but not all) STEM fields? Several societal factors affect the image of STEM professions, self-efficacy and interest development. During this lunch lecture, Shirley de Wit will take you along by explaining the causes, consequences and discussing possible solutions to close the gender gap in STEM.

Speaker: Shirley de Wit is a PhD student at the EEMCS Faculty who focuses on women in Computer Science. With her double master's degree in Computer Science and Science Communication, she likes combining her technical knowledge and skills with social sciences. She started her research at VHTO the Dutch expert centre on gender diversity in STEM. Since February, she continues her work at the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Center for Education and Learning. Her work includes research on stereotypes, interest development and gender-inclusive education. With her research, she hopes to contribute to closing the gender gap in Computer Science.

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