Harmony in Faith: Learning to Coexist

With Anne Dijk (Muslim Scholar), Taco Smit (Christian sholar) en Rabbijn Albert Ringer (Jewish Sholar)

03 October 2023 17:45 till 20:00 - Location: IDE ARENA, FACULTY OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN ENGINEERING | Add to my calendar

Join us for "Harmony in Faith: Learning to Coexist" during the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Week at TU Delft, as we explore the common threads that unite Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism). 

Religion is more than just a personal belief; it shapes our way of life and influences how we interact with the world. When our beliefs are respected and embraced, we feel a sense of inclusion and belonging.

In a world where differences are often highlighted in a negative light, our goal is to foster a different perspective by celebrating the similarities between these faiths. By learning about our shared values and beliefs, we can create a more accepting environment, where differences are not obstacles but opportunities for growth and understanding.

Let's move beyond discrimination and hostility, and embrace the beauty of diversity. The event aims to facilitate intercultural dialogue and understanding, promoting an inclusive atmosphere for all members of the TU Delft community.

As we prepare for this enlightening discussion, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce the panel members.

Our esteemed panel will include representatives from each of the three Abrahamic religions:

To guide our discussion, we are honoured to have Prof. Dr. Paul Van Der Velde as our moderator. His expertise in Comparative Religious Studies will add depth and insight to our conversation.

The primary focus of our panel discussion is to address stereotypes and misconceptions associated with these religions, with the goal of fostering understanding and unity among individuals from diverse backgrounds. It's important to emphasize that our event does not seek to impose any religious beliefs but rather aims to promote open dialogue and mutual respect among participants.

Please note that the intention of this event is not to impose any religious beliefs on participants but rather to encourage open discussions and mutual respect.

Join us for this enriching event, and with the guidance of a skilled moderator, we'll explore the shared values that can help us build a world where coexistence and cooperation thrive. Stay tuned for panel member announcements as they are finalized!

Let's embrace our diversity and create a more united and inclusive community at TU Delft. Together, we can learn from one another and strengthen the bonds that unite us.

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Panel discussion

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