Educate the world

Online, publicly available education as social contribution

Our mission is clear: to make a positive impact on education, the lives of learners and the world at large. We help millions of individuals gain access to higher education in a flexible, effective and more affordable way, even translating courses into other languages to increase accessibility. 

Although the number of online course providers has grown hugely, our offering still stands out and succeeds in educating a large and diverse learner population. It brings benefits to individuals like Andreas Zafeiropoulos from Greece, who increased his career prospects in the electric automotive industry and Lakshmi Rathina Sabbapathy from India, who attained more challenging engineering roles and is now also involved in aircraft sales and marketing - to cite but two.

Applying the knowledge gained from the course, I’ve installed my own photovoltaic system. I now have a saving of over 50% on the cost of my energy, I have continuous electricity supply and I am contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

― Andersson Contreras Olmos, from Colombia

Online for lifelong learning

Lifelong learning and continuing education are fast becoming the name of the game and attract the focus of governments and industry alike. Consider this: in the fast evolving, digital-age world the pace of technological developments and the economic, environmental and societal changes require professionals to keep up to date in their area of expertise. They need to upskill themselves to remain relevant and to further their careers. This translates into a need for lifelong learning. We offer online continuing education to meet these challenges and provide solutions to such needs.

Increasing our outreach

Our open licencing allows others to use content from our courses thereby facilitating access to quality education irrespective of geography or socio-economic barriers.

We know of numerous instances where our MOOCs are being used by institutions at home and abroad. For example, Avans UAS uses Hello (Real) World with ROS – Robot Operating System, the Glasgow Caledonian University uses Solar Energy, and the Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe uses Industrial Biotechnology.

To support learners even more we have begun offering some courses in other languages, such as Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish, and are considering expanding this to more courses and languages.

The OpenCourseWare catalogue contains our open licenced resources that the public can download, revise, remix and redistribute. TU Delft thus further capitalises on the potential of the internet to offer an instantaneous exchange of knowledge and new ideas.

Learner benefits:

  • Learn from world-class experts in their field
  • Course work & interactions are 100% online
  • Study at a time and place that suits you
  • 24/7 access to course material
  • Innovative and learner-centric didactics 
  • Real-life case studies for direct applicability