Quantum Technology

Quantum supremacy is a term that refers to the projected ability of quantum computers to perform computations that are beyond the capabilities of any classical computer. The more powerful capability of quantum computers to process and transmit exponential amounts of information via the quantum internet would support many revolutionary applications, such as unhackable communication, clock synchronization and secure access to quantum computers in the cloud.

There is no doubt that the quantum information era will have a profound impact on our world. However we do not yet know quite how. As with traditional computers, we will only see the effects in the decades to come.

The future is here

TU Delft is eager to collaborate to build the first quantum computer and quantum internet and share in-depth knowledge in the areas of quantum physics, computer science and engineering. Together, we will peek into the fascinating world of quantum phenomena, such as qubits, superposition, and entanglement.

Our online education portfolio helps learners envision the potential impact of quantum computing and the quantum internet. It explores a range of areas, such as quantum chemistry, quantum machine learning, encryption and secure communication, factorization, and blind quantum computation.