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The highest academic degree

The doctorate, or PhD, is the highest academic degree that can be obtained in the Netherlands and is only conferred by universities. Candidates carry out independent scientific research for a period of four years, and write and defend a doctoral dissertation.

Open PhD positions advertised as 'job' vacancies

In the Netherlands most PhD projects and postdoctoral projects are supported by funds that have been obtained by the research leaders by competitive grant applications. Therefore grants are linked to specific research projects for which a potential PhD student must apply with the research leader. As a consequence open PhD positions are usually advertised as 'job' vacancies.  PhD students and postdocs candidates can also submit an open application to the research leaders of the department in order to find out whether additional positions are becoming available. It is strongly recommended to include a full CV with clear explanation of the candidate's relevant expertise.

Developing research skills and independence

The prevalent culture at TU Delft is one of self-motivation, critical thought and academic rigour. As a PhD student at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, you given a degree of freedom to determine your own education programme and learning process within a Doctoral Education programme of our Graduate School. You will be encouraged to develop independence in experimentation and research under the guidance of your supervisor and have the opportunity to publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Being paid for learning on the job

As a PhD student you will be considered  an employee of the TU Delft and receive a salary while conducting your research and receiving supervision  You may also be expected to carry out a certain amount of teaching or supervisory tasks. Generous employment conditions apply to PhD positions.

Personal development

To help you prepare for further career development beyond the PhD degree, TU Delft offers courses to develop your personal competencies. Courses include research ethics, business management and writing dissertations. Additional courses are also available to train PhD students in communication, negotiations and didactic skills.

Introduction program for new PhD candidates in Delft

Within TU Delft, a three-days programme is developed to provide a solid foundation to PhD candidates from the start. The main issue is to give PhD candidates an effective introduction which will enable them to start and complete their PhD efficiently in a well equipped, 'tuned in' and fully confident fashion. Themes of the PhD Start UP are (1) working towards your PhD, (2) personal leadership, and (3) culture of cooperation. More information can be found on the site of the Graduate School.

Career Perspectives

A doctorate is not only essential for pursuing an academic career, it will also enhance your prospects in the private sector.