Student projects

Why graduate at ARI?

The section "Applied Radiation and Isotopes" is a group of young, enthusiastic staff and postgraduates of many different countries all over the world, with different backgrounds and education (e.g. physics, biology, chemistry, medicine). This makes ARI a social, cultural and scientific melting pot, and a challenging and fun place to work.

The research that is done is combining various scientific fields, from medicine to radiochemistry, from physics to biology. Itโ€™s asking for both theory and experiments, and itโ€™s asking for inputs from clinical and other institutes outside the TU Delft.

In short, this is where you should be if you like to work in a team that cares, if you like to have space and responsibility, if you like to create your own projects, if you like to see around also outside the TU Delft, and if you like to work on issues that matter.

Interested ? Check the projects listed below!

All students at ARI will be trained to work safely with radiation and are expected to complete a very short radiation safety course, for which they will receive the nationally recognized certificate Health Physics Radiation Protection Officer VRS-D . This radiation safety course is included in the curriculum for ARI students and must be completed before or at the start of the student project.