Edgard Zuniga

The Future of Transport Data: Autonomous Transport Planning

Edgard Zuniga
Male, 28
MSc Student TU Delft 
Transport Infrastructure and Logistics   

Born in Guatemala, raised in Nicaragua, studied mechanical engineering in Taiwan, worked in a Nicaraguan medical supplies provider for a year and enrolled to TU Delft after seeing the Ocean Clean-up project idea. Created LATITUD (Latin American Student Association of Delft), and took part of the TU Delft Student Ambassadors for almost 2 years. My main intention with regards to my academic career is to one day help develop mobility solutions for the global south, in order to improve accessibility and social mobility as a result.

FameLab entry reasons 
I think I have managed to deliver decent speeches naturally throughout my life. However, this competition provides the platform and tools to witness what it takes to deliver concise speeches about science and how to improve the skills needed for the task at hand. Aspiring to someday be present in the public sector, I believe the public should be able to grasp the idea behind projects proposed by the government, projects that affect everyone in a city, such as mobility and its necessary infrastructure. I think this competition would help me better understand the possibilities of technocratic rhetoric with respect to data-driven solutions and learn what people want to hear when speaking about such a topic.